Saturday , October 21 2017

Studs, Tools, and Fools

I met author Kathleen Hering of Albany Oregon a couple of years back. I found her first book called Hammered, Nailed and Screwed (2012) in a coffee shop during my stay in Jacksonville, Oregon. I loved it so much that I was drawn to contact her, interview and write about her. She is such a joy to meet and read. I immediately read her second book, Ripped, Stripped & Flipped (2013) and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her third book, Studs, Tools & Fools (2015) which came out in November.
Now that I’m done reading it I have to admit, I was both excited and let down at the same time. Excited that the book did not disappoint; it was as fun a read as the other two before it, but I’m upset now that I finished the book, and my post-series depression has set in full force. I love the character Laura and her relationships with Russ, Esther, her cat Louise and Russ’s dog Hammer. A big fan of fiction, especially light-murder mysteries, I’m also a big fan of authors who showcase a manageable handful of characters and not a laundry list of peeps to keep track of. Her characters grab you right away. You will identify with Laura’s down-to-earth yet spunky demeanor. You’ll also love the decorating tips author Kathleen leaves at the end of each short chapter.

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