Saturday , October 21 2017

Living Presently–Because Life Is Too Short

It’s something I’m beginning to work on in my own life –Living Presently.  It’s where you shut out all other distractions to focus on the present project, conversation or goal at hand.

I’m a Type A personality. Some might label me as ADHD (Always Doing, Highly Driven), but nonetheless, I was born this way. It’s a nature-not-nurture thing. It wasn’t something I was taught, signed up for or read in a book.

The traits of a Type A person are not all great. It’s someone who is competitive, self-critical, continually striving towards goals, always has a sense of urgency, unable to sit still for very long (meditation – what’s that?), has a constant struggle against the clock, feels guilty relaxing during spare times, is impatient and aggressive. This person also schedules commitments too tightly, tries to do too many things at once, and is easily aroused to anger – probably because of all these lovely traits………

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