Saturday , October 21 2017

Born For The Moment

On Jan. 20, 1985, I faced one of my most challenging and defining moments —starting in Super Bowl XIX.

This was the first of my three Super Bowls. I was 24, the youngest in a veteran-packed offensive unit that was one of the best in the NFL. I was also an aberration; being over 300 pounds in those days was considered a motivational flaw. How could a gifted athlete be so undedicated and allow himself to get that big? It was hard being one of the first truly big football players.

Our opponent was the Miami Dolphins; their defensive unit was called the Killer Bees. One of the veterans of that unit was Kim Bokamper, the player that I would be facing. Prior to the game Bokamper made a statement that the media ran with. He proclaimed that the Dolphins would win because he would be able to exploit the 49ers’ weakest link — and the weakest link was me……….

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